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GlobalMSDS Ltd and ChemReg

GlobalMSDS is a Limited company incorporated in the UK in 2000 with offices in the UK and Malaysia. GMSDS provides low cost SDS authoring services and develops software to the chemicals related industries across the world. The services include authoring high quality, multilingual Safety Data Sheets (SDS and ext-SDS) and labels in global formats and 39 languages. The software products include Hazmix® (http://www.hazmix.com), an on-line, intelligence-based software that automates classification for supply and transportation and includes extensive free databases of chemical information (approved by ECHA and German Government GESTIS, as well as GMSDS databases of global OELs and regulations, CLP, GHS and OSHA GHS classifications etc.) Both products are extremely low cost and come with over 9800 translated phrases in 39 languages.

ChemReg is a database of Global Chemical Regulations that has been developed by Global MSDS Ltd over recent years. Since the chemical industry is facing significant challenges keeping abreast of rapidly developing global regulations, we decided to make this database available to the industry free of charge. Working with other service providers we have developed the ability to search these regulations in any language with the goal of growing the chemical industry globally and promoting a high level of compliance.

This database is provided free of charge and supported by the chemical industry community. Its use is subject to agreement to the terms and conditions contained in the Legal Notice.

GlobalMSDS Ltd,

February 2023