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Flags is a new resource available to the chemicals’ regulatory community. With the proliferation of chemical regulations across the world and the ever-shrinking margins and resources available to chemical companies the need to develop new technologies to access and interrogate regulations has never been more important. Furthermore, many regulations are only published in the local language rendering them unsearchable in the native tongue of many users. Mark and his team at Global MSDS have worked with technology partners to develop a database of over 26,000 global regulations from 133 countries covering a wide range of scope and combined this with technologies that make it possible to search within these pdfs in any language, thereby effectively removing linguistic barriers and improving access. Mark and Global MSDS are making this resource available free of charge to the global community in the hope that it will promote regulatory awareness and compliance and grow the chemicals industry for the benefit of all. It is hoped that the global regulatory community will support this initiative and submit new regulations to ChemReg as they are developed. is a searchable repository of chemical regulations from around the world. As well as the original documents in PDF format, we provide a searchable index and translation tools to search and view in multiple languages.

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